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This is story of a girl named Lili. She is pure and innocent. This is the story of two lovers. One is a devil and other is a pure man. They met on a...Q: De-installing/removing MySQL from Ubuntu? I want to install MariaDB, and I am currently on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. How can I uninstall/remove MySQL and then install MariaDB? Also, what is the difference between Ubuntu and Ubuntu Server? Which do I need for MariaDB? A: Firstly, you don't have to uninstall MySQL. You can just install MariaDB, but you'll have to choose "MySQL Community Server" as the package instead of "MySQL Server". Secondly, Ubuntu Server has been discontinued since 17.04. If you want to install MariaDB then you'll have to install Ubuntu from the Server edition. You can't use it on a desktop installation. Q: Blackberry Application Am developing a BB application which has a UI component to display some data. I have to do all the data fetching from database in a separate class and will make the connections using the class. Am new to BB development. Is there a way to do all this so that i don't have to connect to database in all activities? Usually, you shouldn't do that. The main reason you would want to do that is if you don't want the user to be able to control the data in your application. If the user has access to data, they have access to it and can choose to use it however they want. But if you have all the data control, then the users can't really use it to do something else with it. So the other thing to think about is, what if you change the way your data is stored? If you are a single developer, then you probably won't have this issue, because you would just change the way you are storing the data. But if you are working on this with multiple people, and not everyone knows all the systems, you may end up with a project where all of a sudden your data is just gone. Another problem is a problem of locking. If the user is not accessing your data, and they decide to access it with another application, then you will have a problem. We don't really know what you are trying



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HD Online Player (Souten Full Movie In Hd 1080p Downlo)

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