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Raise your hand if your homeschooling in 2020!

So many parents are jumping into the waters of homeschooling this year. And for good reason. But just because you want to homeschool doesn't mean your ready to homeschool. Here are some homeschooling tips to prepare for this upcoming school year:

  • Make time

If you are a work from home parent and you plan to multi-task homeschooling as well, make sure you carve out time JUST for teaching. Block email alerts, silence your work phone, ensure your team knows that this is homeschool time in order to manage expectations.

  • Create a space

Use a room or space in the house that is dedicated to homeschooling. This is especially true for homeschooling a child with autism, as routine and clarity will make your day go much smoother.

  • Skip making a curriculum

If you're a homeschooling newbie, skip making a curriculum and use one of the many curriculums made for homeschooling families. We recommend as it's curriculum is gear towards nonverbal learners on the spectrum.

Good luck 2020 parents! We're all in this together!

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