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TMS for Autism (Part 2)

The EEG:

I won't say that the EEG reading will be difficult for most people. But it was very difficult for Cameron. He did not want to keep the EEG cap on. He did not want to be still or close his eyes (which was preferred). And he had a full on melt down for 3 entire hours (the session typically takes 30mins).

They weren't able to get the best reading, but they got enough data to come up with a treatment plan.

The EEG shows the neuroscientist what sections of the brain need a magnetic boost and at what strength. For Cameron, we are focusing at the crown of the head and front center of the skull.

The reason they are targeting those areas and the magnetic strength is something I'm still researching.

We are 1 week into treatment (5 sessions, 1hr each session). And the treatments are going really well!! Cameron even seems to like the stimulation. He comes in and they start the machine. We wait for 40secs, then get a 5sec prompt (at this time the technician puts the magnetic wand to his head and I gently close his eyes), then 5sec of magnetic force (it sounds like rapid tapping and feels like a dull lite thump), then we get a 40sec break and start again. We do this for 1hr.

So far, I have not seen any improvements in behavior, sleep or communication (all areas in which they claim we should see improvement). But we are only half way through treatment. I'm still holding out hope. Thankfully, I have not seen any negative effects either (headaches, twitches, anything that would make me think its harming him).

As always, I'll keep you guys posted!

-Dr. C

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