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TMS for Autism (Part 3, the conclusion)

Welp, after nine treatment sessions of TMS, over two weeks, I saw some surprising results….


I thought I would at least see minor changes.

I saw nothing. No increase in speech, no decrease in disruptive behavior, no increase in appetite or quality of sleep….nothing.

But I held out hope. A $10k service can’t just leave me with nothing, right?

I was told that changes could happen even two weeks after treatment. So, I waited…and waited…and waited. And you’ll never believe what I saw!


I won’t say TMS isn’t a service that could benefit some. We all know, every flavor of autism is different and reacts to different things. The research I did on TMS before and during our experience was promising.

The research focuses on behaviors. Autism and depression are often seen together, and TMS seems to do wonders for people experiencing depression (or anxiety).

Maybe we would have had a different experience if Cameron had been able to tolerate the EEG. Or maybe if the magnet strength had been stronger. Or if we did more sessions. But the bottom line is, in my opinion, this service is too expensive and time-consuming to rely on “maybe.”

If TMS is effective, insurance should begin to cover it. The research is out there, but customers need to request it. The more we ask for this to be a covered service, the faster the insurance companies act.

Was it worth it? Yes and No.

No, because it didn’t work. Yes, because anything is worth a try if there is a chance to increase Cameron’s quality of life.

Research links:

-Dr. C

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